The Red Box Programme

Knowledge is power. Together with our academic supporters, we seek to provide a fully comprehensive supplementary education programme for the youth of today.

Our Programme

The society believes that education is the cornerstone and basis of our nation’s future.  Our research has identified that further educational resources are needed to provide a further and in-depth understanding of our pupils of citizenship within our multicultural society throughout the United Kingdom. Knowledge is power and together with our academic supporters we seek to provide a full and comprehensive supplementary education programme entitled, “The Red Box Programme”. 

As understood through the expression of Lord Hailsham in IRC v McMullan education is: “a balanced and systematic process of instruction, training and practice containing both spiritual, moral, mental and physical elements.” This statement captures the essence of what the British Monarchist Foundation stands for. We seek to educate, therefore every race, ethnicity, religion, sex etc., will have an equal opportunity to take advantage of our programming and charitable efforts. 

The society provides materials in support of education within the citizenship curriculum, under the “Red Box Programme” for children in the 5-9 and 10-14 age groups. The Red Box Programme provides complimentary teaching resources to teachers/instructors/trainers within the public and private education sectors.

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